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3800 Glenbrook Dr
Arlington, TX
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Services & Rates

One-On-One Personal Training or Istructional Yoga Sessions-$50.00/session

Tandem(2 people) Personal Training or Istructional Yoga Sessions-$40.00/person

Group of 3 Personal Training Sessions-$30.00/person

Group of 4 Personal Training Sessions-$20.00/person

Group of 5 or more Bootcamp-$100.00/session


   (Session duration -about 1 hour) 

Sessions must be paid in advance and will be scheduled at the time of payment.

Cancellations will not be refunded. Canceled sessions will be rescheduled if trainer is notified 24 hours in advance.


Trainers provide a wide variety of clients with an extensive list of services, including nutritional guidance, fitness assessment, lifestyle management advice, weight control programs and many more.

I am certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and have obtained my personal training certifications through the ACE American Council on Exercise and World Instructors Training Schools(WITS) institute provided through University of Texas at Arlington. To properly design a safe and effective workout, a personal trainer should have a good grounding in exercise technique, including exercise physiology, anatomy and injury prevention. Through attaining certifications I have learned how to conduct quality sessions and design effective exercise programming. Through years of experience I have expanded my skills, exercises and techniques to include aspects of yoga and meditation.

As your personal trainer, I will help you establish realistic short- and long-term goals and assess your progress towards them regularly. I will chart areas such as weight; percentage of body fat; body measurements; cardiovascular improvements; strength and endurance.  By updating your medical history from time to time, I will also be able to adjust your workouts as necessary to reflect your new abilities.


Many medical conditions or past injuries can affect your participation in a training session and the program designed for you, therefore, you may be asked to fill out a Health History Questionnaire and a Physicians Consent Form prior to a  fitness assessment and subsequent fitness program. 

I will assess your individual abilities and needs, help you set realistic goals and personalize your workouts so that they help you achieve those goals.  I will ensure you are doing exercises correctly and provide instant feedback on how to adjust your posture, motion, and exertion to get maximum results and prevent injury.  I can and will also adjust exercises on the spot if they prove to be too difficult or advanced for you to do correctly. Likewise, as your trainer, I will add a difficulty level to the exercise if it is too easy for you and isn't giving you the challenge needed. I strive to keep your workouts fresh and fun, introducing you to using different equipment to work the same muscle groups. You will not get stuck in a rut.