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My Story


            Many years ago I was in an unhealthy place in my life and I didn’t take care of myself.  I didn’t respect myself or my body. I allowed my weight to get out of control and became obese throughout my pregnancies with my two children.  The person I saw myself as in my head was not the person I saw in the mirror or in pictures.  I hated what I saw and was often depressed.  I tried fad diets and ineffective diet pills but none of that worked or taught me to respect myself.  My motivating factors to make these permanent, lasting changes was and is my kids and family.  My motivation to maintain my health has become myself.

             I was raised by obese parents that were not as involved in my life as I wanted due to their physical condition.  I wanted to be fully involved in my own kids’ lives.  I wanted my family to have me around for a long time and my time with them to be more than simply spectating.  I wanted them to learn to live healthy lives naturally, actively and respect themselves and their bodies. I wanted to raise confident, mentally and physically strong children.  I wanted to stop the cycle of obesity that plagued my family and make an impact on obesity in my community. The moment I had my kids, I made the decision to lose weight.  I set attainable goals and learned about fitness and nutrition.  I was able to lose over 100 pounds in a little over a year with a lot of hard work, proper nutrition, and consistency.  I have since gained muscle and lean tissue which has allowed me to maintain my weight loss for over a decade and through good nutrition I can regulate my hormones which makes a dramatic impact on my mental wellness.  I have learned to love myself and have gained confidence through the changes I’ve made and the work I’ve done.  I respect and appreciate my body and mind now more than ever. Many of my clients have enjoyed the same benefits this lifestyle offers.

             Weight loss is a process with many stages. The stage you tend to stay in the longest is the contemplation stage, where you are unhappy with your physical reality and want to make changes but haven’t done enough of the right things to make a lasting impact.  Eventually, you get to a point where you hit bottom.  Realizing what it will take to dramatically change your life is a big step towards your success.  You can be who you envision yourself as or better.

            I never intended on becoming a personal trainer but I have learned the extreme value and need for exercise, good nutrition, and living moderately.  It has become my way of life and I value the lessons I’ve learned and the skills I’ve acquired through my own experiences and my certification so much that I felt compelled to share it with others.  Teaching others to live healthy lifestyles is my passion and I truly care deeply about the success of my clients with their goals.

           How fast you lose weight and how much weight you lose is up to you.  Effort during your workouts, how often and your intensity, coupled with good, consistent nutrition will dictate your success.  I will teach you how to work out so you can get the best results and build an internal furnace to maintain your weight loss, safely.  I will also give you nutritional coaching so you can learn to fuel your body and eat properly for the demands of exercise and mental wellness.  Staying focused on the lifestyle changes you make and taking it one day at a time will lead to your success.  I will help keep you focused and consistently challenged to progress.  I know it is extremely rewarding to live a healthy lifestyle and be an example to others, especially your own family.  I am confident anyone can accomplish what I have accomplished with the right tools, knowledge, and dedication.  Don’t let fear or doubt keep you trapped in a body that doesn’t suit your spirit.  You can chip away at those limitations every day. Commit to a better life, a better body, a better you.  Start today!!!!